Work Visas


ALL travelers who wish to travel to the United States for tourism or business for a period not exceeding 90 days without having to obtain a Visa, are included in the Visa Waiver Program and must obtain an ESTA authorization (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

To apply for your ESTA by yourself fill out the application online:

If you want to avoid complications Fun Fitness & Language Center can fill it out and send it for you.

Write an email to:

or What’s App: +1 (786) 281-5749

For only 20€ tax included.


—– F1

Fun And Fitness Language Center is now an educational institution approved for application for the F1 Visa in Florida!

What is the F1 Visa?

It is a visa that allows you to enter and reside in the US in order to attend, at your own expense, a full time course of study in a university, college or language school (accredited by the Immigration Agency).

The F1 visa duration is from 6 months to 1 year!

Before you apply for a visa you must have a document of acceptance to the program of study issued by the educational institution of your choice.

Enjoy our English Classes, Spanish Classes and Work Experience all in one!


—– J1

J-1 sample visa for working internship (12 months max) with an interested company.

J-1 visa is normally required for individuals who want to make a Training or Internship experience in an American company.

To apply for a J-1 Visa, you must first get the C.D. Form DS-2019, which is released by one of the many agencies authorized by the Department of State, which will be the official sponsor for the applicant.

This agency is different from the actual employer, which will be the company that offers the Training or Internship. Once you have the Form DS-2019, you can finally make an appointment at the Embassy for J-1 visa.

Fun And Fitness Language Center can assist the candidate in obtaining an official sponsor and for the procedures needed to get the DS-2019. The actual employer for the candidate will be found by Fun And Fitness Language Center.

The maximum duration of a J-1 visa is 18 months for training and 12 months for work internships.

Also the minimum requirements vary, depending on whether you come to the United States for Training or Working Internship experience.

For those who come to the United States for Training, the minimum requirements are as follows:

University degree plus one year of work experience in the field, obtained outside the United States;


5 years of working experience in the field obtained outside the United States;

For those who come to the United States for a working Internship, the minimum requirements are as follows:

To remain enrolled in a university course outside the United States;


To have graduated not more than 12 months before the application for the J-1 visa.

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