The Miami Experience

The Project School-Business by IRSEF USA ( Institute of Research and Studies for Education and the Family ) has the main purpose of promoting the professional skills that students learn in high school , competing in a Work Placement ( Miami Work Experience ) .

Fun And Fitness Language Center / Miami Work Experience combining work experience with learning the English language.

Miami Work Experience:

Fun And Fitness Language Center is also Work Experience!

Who is this for ?

The project is dedicated to the children of Technical Institutes , Professional and high schools . Students will have an enterprise certificate that will justify the absence from school .

Members must be 16 or older that have reached the American age.

What are our trade services ?

  • Beauty industry
  • automotive industry
  • Tailors and shoemakers
  • Posturologists / Physiotherapists
  • graphics
  • Accountants
  • Photographers
  • lawyers
  • Geometry
  • architects
  • Civil Engineers and Construction
  • Wedding Planner
  • Piadinaro , Gelataio
  • Cook

Miami Stage Work Experience

Irsef – Institute for Research and Studies on Education and the Family – makes available its experience and its headquarters in Miami in order to involve pupils over 16 interested in the activities of school-work.

The IRSEF & FFLANGUAGE CENTER project includes:

1) The frequency of the Language Center for a thorough knowledge of the English language.

2) Work Experience – Work Placement in a study of engineers / architects in Miami or automotive company or the catering / bar / entertainment or Beauty Salon for Hairdressers, beauticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, physical therapists at other companies, depending on the type of studies and experience that the trainee intends to prove.

This activity will allow to acquire operational experience and knowledge of legislative rules and regulations related to the country in which it operates. US law provides that, during the time of formation, there is also the English language training and possibly Spanish.

The weekly card will have the following development :

1 ) English classes – with international pupils for grammar lessons , reading and speaking from Monday to Thursday ; with TPR method of comprehension , speaking and vocabulary 3-4ore from Monday to Friday .

2 ) Work Experience

3 ) Outdoor Fitness – with TPR

4 ) Social Activities and Tours in Miami Dade – in English and / or Spanish .

The stay in Miami for the experience will be 3 weeks (or more for those who wish ) also it includes :

1 ) all inclusive accomodation in South Beach in rooms for more students to Roomating regime;

2 ) tutoring by a teacher / tutor Italian company 24h / 24h

3 ) permits / Visas / agreements relevant to the fulfillment of the activities ;

4 ) organization of attendance certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education – IRSEF , ITALY ;

5 ) certificate of Language Certification of State School Americana and / or private language school accredited TOEFL .

This Language Certification become ESOL after 3 months of attendance at courses .

stage a miami

The dates of departure and return are individual , flexible and at the discretion of the Italian school to which you are enrolled .

The alternation School / Labor cost is 2,650.00 , € flight and medical insurance excluded . * Price does not include meals , Tours outside of Miami Dade , personal expenses , requests for specific services or accompanying unscheduled .

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* The cost of the various packages must be paid within 15 days of the arrival date and is exempt from the refund. The organization is not responsible for theft / damage to property of the client assets. In case of theft / damage to personal property of the organization it will retain a sum from the deposit. The fee will not be refunded in case of missed departure or early return .MIAMI Summer 2016

€ 3,000 for 3 weeks

€ 2,500 for 2 weeks

€ 1000 deposit – in case of damages, theft, vandalism to the accommodation, to the bikes or to the language center facilities.


  • Pick up and return from/to airport – reception and transfer from the airport to the home and vice versa.
  • All-inclusive accommodation – includes sheets and blankets, bath towels, hair dryer, dish washer, purified water filter and miscellaneous home decor.
  • Electricity, air conditioned and water included.
  • Wi-Fi internet & cable TV
  • Daily meals
  • English language classes
  • English book and needs – English book for preparation and school supplies.
  • CRUNCH GYM subscription (16+) – subscription to CRUNCH GYM for people over 16.
  • Language Certification – final verification of Language Certification
  • Work Experience (16+) – working internship in a business activity for people over 16.
  • Company Tutor – provided for your internship.
  • Tours around Miami – trips to Miami and the surrounding areas.


  • Speed boat Tour of Miami and luxury villas.
  • South Pointe Park.
  • Espanola Way. Lincoln Road. Purdy Avenue.
  • The farmers’ market.
  • Miami Heat.
  • Bike tour of Miami Beach and South Beach.
  • Coral Gables, Miracle Mile, Venetian pool. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.
  • Winwood Art District.
  • Night shopping.
  • Aventura Mall.
  • Bal Harbour shops.
  • Bayside Market place.
  • Hollywood Beach tour.
  • Hallandale Beach tour.
  • Sunny Isles tour.
  • Key Biscayne Beach tour.
  • The sunset tour.
  • Night & Day Pool Party.
  • Social Activities & Nightlife – day & night outings and social activities.
  • Beach equipment – beach equipment for fitness & relaxation.
  • Activity Leaders – entertainers, escorts and instructors.
  • Team Leader 24h a day – reference coordinator available 24 a day every day.


  • Plane ticket
  • Medical insurance
  • Esta Visa or F1 Visa for study.
  • Tours outside Miami area – excursions outside the area of Miami.
  • Personal shopping


This is our standard offer. For personalized offers or if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Fill out our form here.


We will be glad to satisfy any additional requirements.


            Work Experience



Fun And Fitness Language Center can provide Work Experience too!

After you have acquainted yourself with the English language you can get involved with the School-Enterprise Project by IRSEF USA (Institute of Research and Studies for Education and Family).

The main purpose is to put the skills that students learn in high school into practice by working in an American business activity. English language proficiency is therefore crucial.

Interested students can try the Work Experience, of 3 months at most, in an American company. This way, they will have their first contact with work. Students who have finished high school, who are studying in university, or have graduated, will have the opportunity to be invited by the hosting company for a fixed-term contract, which, with a little luck and a lot of initiative, could become a permanent contract!

Fun And Fitness Language Center/Work Experience combines working experience with learning of the English language.

Who is eligible for the Work Experience?

The project is for students in professional and technical schools, and high school. Students will receive a company certification, which will justify the absence from school.

Members must be at least 16 years old, i.e., they must have reached the age of majority in the United States.

Which are our professional offerings?

  • Specialized mechanic in luxury workshops, e.g: Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, Bugatti, Maserati etc etc…
  • Tailors and shoemakers
  • Posture specialists /Physical Therapists
  • Architects
  • Graphic Designers
  • Accountants
  • Photographers and Audio Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Practicing Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Panini Makers, Ice-Cream Makers
  • Italian Organic Chefs


IRSEF takes care of training teachers and parents. In coordination with the Work Experience it offers:

  • School-work combination;
  • Start-up of youth entrepreneurship;
  • Parent education (even with USA experts) in nutrition and conflict management;
  • Training of home school operators (teachers/coordinators, educators, animators).

For further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Fill out our form here