About Us

Fun & Fitness Language Center was created to combine English and/or Spanish language learning with Fitness and with the Miami Experience, (full immersion in the American lifestyle).
Our goal is for you to learn English by choosing activities you enjoy to motivate you.
Take your passion and make it happen!

Learn (English and/or Spanish) by doing, that is, by taking activities like dancing (salsa and Caribbean dance, zumba fitness, twerking, pole dancing, hip hop, and so on) outdoor fitness such as BOOT CAMP, aqua aerobics, swimming, tennis, kayaking, beach tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, dodgeball, bike riding and more!
We replaced classroom foreign language classes, traditionally focused on grammar, reading and speaking, with the practical use of language. You can learn “on the street”, doing fitness and Work Experience.
We work by employing the Total Physical Response (T.P.R.) method, which has a positive physical and emotional impact for the wellbeing of the person.
Learning English and/or Spanish will be facilitated by mother tongue Group Trainers who will be present during all activities.
This way, we can guarantee excellent results and that you will gain valuable experience for your future, in terms of personal improvement and linguistic performance. We will work on speaking, pronunciation, comprehension and vocabulary. Therefore, this is perfect for DSA and for those who want to learn quickly.
FFLanguage Center will be combined through the T.P.R. method who will bring tangible improvements to the psycho-physical well-being of the students.

Fun & Fitness Language Center relies on the help of Activity Leaders and Group Trainers.
Our Activity Leaders (for Social Activities) and Group Trainers (for Outdoor Fitness, workouts, Boot Camp and dancing) are experts in their field who oversee and manage all activities supporting each participant for the full duration of the Miami Experience.
One of the difficulties people find when learning a foreign language is a feeling of inadequacy or uneasiness, which can lead to frustration, when our expectations are not met.
Becoming familiar with the English and/or Spanish language through T.P.R, that is with a psycho-physical approach, allows you to overcome those mental habits and prejudices regarding how difficult it is to learn a foreign language. Using T.P.R. it is actually fun!
The experience with Fun & Fitness Language Center is open to participants of all ages, starting from 9 years on, and is available all year round. Our goal is to learn with Fun & Fitness!

With Us You Can:
– Use English in your daily life
– Meet new people from your country and all over the world
– Improve your fitness and posture
– Strengthen your self-esteem and improve interpersonal communication
– Develop your creativity
Interaction with mother tongue Group Trainers is a central part of the T.P.R. method.
This is a great learning experience you cannot miss out!
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