About Us

Fun & Fitness Language Center was created to combine English and/or Spanish language learning with Fitness and with the Miami Experience, (full immersion in the American lifestyle).
Our goal is for you to learn English by choosing activities you enjoy to motivate you.
Take your passion and make it happen!

Learn (English and/or Spanish) by doing, that is, by taking activities like dancing (salsa and Caribbean dance, zumba fitness, twerking, pole dancing, hip hop, and so on) outdoor fitness such as BOOT CAMP, aqua aerobics, swimming, tennis, kayaking, beach tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, dodgeball, bike riding and more!
We replaced classroom foreign language classes, traditionally focused on grammar, reading and speaking, with the practical use of language. You can learn “on the street”, doing fitness and Work Experience.
We work by employing the Total Physical Response (T.P.R.) method, which has a positive physical and emotional impact for the wellbeing of the person.
Learning English and/or Spanish will be facilitated by mother tongue Group Trainers who will be present during all activities.
This way, we can guarantee excellent results and that you will gain valuable experience for your future, in terms of personal improvement and linguistic performance. We will work on speaking, pronunciation, comprehension and vocabulary. Therefore, this is perfect for DSA and for those who want to learn quickly.
FFLanguage Center will be combined through the T.P.R. method who will bring tangible improvements to the psycho-physical well-being of the students.

Fun & Fitness Language Center relies on the help of Activity Leaders and Group Trainers.
Our Activity Leaders (for Social Activities) and Group Trainers (for Outdoor Fitness, workouts, Boot Camp and dancing) are experts in their field who oversee and manage all activities supporting each participant for the full duration of the Miami Experience.
One of the difficulties people find when learning a foreign language is a feeling of inadequacy or uneasiness, which can lead to frustration, when our expectations are not met.
Becoming familiar with the English and/or Spanish language through T.P.R, that is with a psycho-physical approach, allows you to overcome those mental habits and prejudices regarding how difficult it is to learn a foreign language. Using T.P.R. it is actually fun!
The experience with Fun & Fitness Language Center is open to participants of all ages, starting from 9 years on, and is available all year round. Our goal is to learn with Fun & Fitness!

With Us You Can:
– Use English in your daily life
– Meet new people from your country and all over the world
– Improve your fitness and posture
– Strengthen your self-esteem and improve interpersonal communication
– Develop your creativity
Interaction with mother tongue Group Trainers is a central part of the T.P.R. method.
This is a great learning experience you cannot miss out!
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Credits issued through the experience at Fun And Fitness Language Center

BULATS Cambridge

BULATS tests are used to assess the level of language proficiency of individuals or groups of people. They assess the four language skills required in real-life professional situations through the use of materials based on texts, activities and topics of practical character and related to daily life occurrences.


The four core abilities are assessed: reading, writing, listening and speaking.




FUN AND FITNESS LANGUAGE CENTER – 7403 Collins Avenue Suite 105

Miami Beach, FL 33141




Prof. Paola Liverani


Whatsapp contact: +39 335 653 8622

US calls and SMS     +1 (786) 681-6188



For quotes and flight booking:

Mr. Max Mazzini


Whatsapp contact: +1 (786) 281-5749

What To Pack


  • Italy/USA electrical adapter
  • Cell phone and charger
  • (if you have one) car charger for cell phone
  • (if you have one) cordless battery charger for mobile phone
  • Camera (if you do not want to use the phone)
  • Camera battery charger (if you have one)
  • Credit card valid in the USA, a “slide” card, which works by swiping, not with microchip
  • RECOMMENDED: Paypal card (not the Paypal rechargeable card you can get at tobacconists’) connected to your credit card or bank account where you just write your email and password to authorize payment
  • WARNING! If you do not have or you are not the holder of a Paypal card, VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, your life will be VERY difficult!
  • Wallet & coin purse (you will always get a lot of very tiny coins!)
  • Electronic passport
  • Health insurance, we recommend Global Allianz or Europe Assistance
  • Electronic passport photocopy to keep at home
  • Electronic passport photocopy to keep with you at all times
  • ID card to keep with you when you leave (it’s better to lose that than your passport!)
  • Photocopy of your health insurance card
  • Italian/English Pocket Dictionary or download an App to your cell
  • Key holder to collect the discount cards that shops give you
  • Toilet bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, etc.
  • Hair styling products, barrettes, pins, elastic, etc.
  • Medicine for a cold or headache that you often get from the cold air conditioning in shops, fast foods, cafes, classrooms, etc.
  • (if you want to play it) raquet for tennis or beach tennis
  • Backpack for bike trips (in Miami they do not use bike baskets nor bike bags that are attached to the bike because they often steal both bikes and accessories such as saddle, wheels, bells, etc. The backpack is then essential)
  • Print maps of: South Beach, Miami Beach, Miami Downtown, Miami and Florida, so as to be always aware of where you are. Remember that Miami Beach is an island.


  • Small bag to put in the back of the seat in front of you during the flight, with chewing gum or candy for take-off and landing (your ears will plug) and air pockets, pen to fill out the form that is delivered on the flight, passport and airline ticket, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes, soft earplugs for sleeping, sleeping mask, 1 melatonin pill for sleeping, cookies or whatever you prefer to eat if you don’t like the meal of the flight
  • Sweatshirt or cardigan (it’s cold on the flight!)
  • (if you have one) horseshoe-shaped travel pillow for your neck


  • Beach bag, possibly with zipper
  • Small bag inside the beach bag to keep your mobile, money, hair clips, etc. when you go for a walk along the shore
  • Flip-flops
  • Swim suit
  • (if you have one) Hat – note that you can buy as many as you want directly in Miami
  • Sun-screen and after sun (we suggest that you buy them directly in Miami, they are cheap and specifically made for the tropics)
  • In Miami it is advised to buy beta carotene, aloe and pure vitamin E against sunburn erythema, to keep your skin hydrated but it is good to begin now to take 1 pill of betacarotene and 1 pill of vitamin E every morning and continue as long as you are exposed to the sunlight.
  • Swimsuit cover shorts and tank top or light dress or pareo


  • Comfortable flip-flops for city wear or whatever you usually use when it is very hot! It is not advisable to use closed shoes during the day as your feet will boil!
  • Underwear
  • Shorts, miniskirts, dresses, tanks, tops
  • Jewelry and fashion accessories (COOL STYLE!)
  • Stylish bags to go out in the day around Miami and to go to night clubs
  • Trainers, shorts, socks, tops or t-shirts for the work out on the beach
  • Swimsuits and a practical one for sports
  • Lightweight jacket to keep in your bag for shops, restaurants and various venues that have very cold air conditioning (A.C.) that freezes you as soon as you enter. You’ll have to try it to believe it!
  • It is common to get a cold and a fever in the second week here, so as not to spoil the holiday, the ADVICE is


  • Cool dresses: “DRESS TO IMPRESS”, oh yeah!
  • Cool shoes that are comfortable in warm-humid climate because you will sweat 24/7!
  • Evening bag to go out
  • Fashion accessories and jewellery
  • A shrug if we are in a room with air conditioning


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Dyslexia Friendly

Are you DSA (Dyslexic)? Do you want to improve you knowledge of the English language?

No problem. T.P.R. is the most used method for all kinds of language learning because it relies on interactive lessons and workshops.

With us you can learn English without feeling that you are treated differently from others, without necessarily having to follow specific steps that can debase learning, and above all you can have fun just like all your other traveling companions.

Fun And Fitness Language Center also provides training for teachers who follow DSA students.


We are always interacting with our environment using different senses:

  • seeing
  • hearing
  • smell
  • touch
  • taste

Knowledge is constructed, not transmitted, as a result of experiencing the environment.

Contact us for more information by filling out our form here.


Boot Camp

Imagine having to work hard, to move and to do so with heavy physical exercise—sweating, running, jumping—and all it takes to make you feel good physically.


Now imagine learning English even as you’re doing everything described above.


No. Something you can’t imagine may seem impossible.

But we’re already doing it!

Come to one of our BOOT CAMPS to learn English while having fun along with others who, like you, want to socialize, feel good and discover new horizons of learning.



C’mon! Let’s go!


What are you waiting for? Reserve this unique experience that only FFLanguage can offer in Italy


Facebook Info: Boot Camp Training Ravenna

Facebook Info: Daniele Verati

TPR Method

The acronym T.P.R. literally means Total Physical Response – a method to help with foreign language learning by employing a “physical” approach rather than the traditional form of language courses (frontal lecture).

We identify the main interests of each student using an interview to identify their passions and what makes them feel fulfilled.

To accomplish this, we will “channel” students towards the various packages we offer.

If your passion is beach tennis, your U.S. experience will be heavily based on playing beach tennis. If you’re passionate about technology, we will ensure that you can dedicate as much time as possible to activities related to the use of technological equipment, as well dancing etc.

In all cases, the activities will have a single “core or objective”—the teaching of English—which you’ll have to learn, manage and make your own in order to make the most of your passion.

You will be constantly accompanied by our Activity Leaders and Group Trainers who will take care of your needs and support you by meeting your expectations for your study-holiday.

All the activities offered have been designed to develop one or more language skills.

New American friends who share your interests and passions will help you improve your vocabulary.

Do you wanna party?

Study is not only made of commitment and dedication but also of moments of leisure and relaxation. On this study-trip you will also be able to choose how to spend your evenings (night clubs, fashion shows, bowling, theme dinners, Karaoke, shopping nights, etc.)

Just to give you some ideas, so you can begin to imagine what your experience with us in the United States will be like, below is the link to the list of activities proposed by the CRUNCH gym, which we work with, especially for the T.P.R. PRACTICE.

CRUNCH GYMS – Miami Class description

Among the many activities, you will undoubtedly find one that will spark your interest!




English classes with TPR – BOOT CAMP

  • Dance classes
  • Work out
  • Outdoor fitness
  • Basket
  • Kayaking
  • Bike riding
  • Tennis
  • Water Aerobics
  • Beach tennis
  • Dodgeball
  • Interactive speaking and role playing


For several years we have been dedicating special attention to dancing, and we have developed this particular learning technique.

The first step in this path is to get in tune with the physicality and potentiality of the person.

Gradually, we will expose insecurities, such as low self-esteem and/or negation of a problem, which are responsible for stiff movements or refusal to appear in public.

Then we will analyze the psychological blocks that restrict the ability of psycho-physical expression in favor of an expressive serenity.

We will work on posture, on opening the diaphragm, and then on the expansion of the ribcage. These are all valid measures to increase blood oxygenation, and to perfuse the brain with “smoothness” and improve its mental alertness.

Dance Therapy promotes the psycho-physical, relational and spiritual integration and the well-being and quality of life of the person.

Why do we combine Dance Therapy with learning/consolidation of foreign languages?

Since the T.P.R. (Total Physical Response) method works right on the egocentric stage of the human persona, the individuals will find it easier to learn things that enter in relationship with their self. The practice of the foreign language through motor activities, such as dance, combines auditory learning (the language) to physical learning (T.P.R.). The teacher of Argentine Tango, for example, will give lessons to learn this dance in English and Spanish. Practicing the language by applying it physically to oneself, is thus a very effective way to learn.

This program is part of sports projects starting from kindergarten because it involves aerobic and anaerobic activity, motor coordination and breathing, and it teaches correct posture from an early age.

It is also important, especially for students from 6 years on, that dance therapy is an individual sport. This prevents episodes of competitiveness and bullying.

Fun And Fitness Language Center, in collaboration with Miami’s Talk English School is also a school for Italian teachers participating in CLIL programs.

The term CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), created in 1994, is synonymous with “linguistic immersion”.

Language immersion is an approach that improves second language (L2) teaching by using the language as a means to learn other content.

In schools that use the CLIL approach, one or more subjects are taught in a language that is not the students’ mother tongue. The students are then “immersed” in the second language and have to use it to learn science, history, geography and other subjects, and to follow other educational pathways, even interdisciplinary ones.

Fun And Fitness Language Center is also a training and continuing education center for teachers of English (and/or other foreign languages) and teachers of other subjects who nonetheless need to improve their knowledge of a foreign language.

Work Visas


ALL travelers who wish to travel to the United States for tourism or business for a period not exceeding 90 days without having to obtain a Visa, are included in the Visa Waiver Program and must obtain an ESTA authorization (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

To apply for your ESTA by yourself fill out the application online:


If you want to avoid complications Fun Fitness & Language Center can fill it out and send it for you.

Write an email to: max@partravel.com

or What’s App: +1 (786) 281-5749

For only 20€ tax included.


—– F1

Fun And Fitness Language Center is now an educational institution approved for application for the F1 Visa in Florida!

What is the F1 Visa?

It is a visa that allows you to enter and reside in the US in order to attend, at your own expense, a full time course of study in a university, college or language school (accredited by the Immigration Agency).

The F1 visa duration is from 6 months to 1 year!

Before you apply for a visa you must have a document of acceptance to the program of study issued by the educational institution of your choice.

Enjoy our English Classes, Spanish Classes and Work Experience all in one!


—– J1

J-1 sample visa for working internship (12 months max) with an interested company.

J-1 visa is normally required for individuals who want to make a Training or Internship experience in an American company.

To apply for a J-1 Visa, you must first get the C.D. Form DS-2019, which is released by one of the many agencies authorized by the Department of State, which will be the official sponsor for the applicant.

This agency is different from the actual employer, which will be the company that offers the Training or Internship. Once you have the Form DS-2019, you can finally make an appointment at the Embassy for J-1 visa.

Fun And Fitness Language Center can assist the candidate in obtaining an official sponsor and for the procedures needed to get the DS-2019. The actual employer for the candidate will be found by Fun And Fitness Language Center.

The maximum duration of a J-1 visa is 18 months for training and 12 months for work internships.

Also the minimum requirements vary, depending on whether you come to the United States for Training or Working Internship experience.

For those who come to the United States for Training, the minimum requirements are as follows:

University degree plus one year of work experience in the field, obtained outside the United States;


5 years of working experience in the field obtained outside the United States;

For those who come to the United States for a working Internship, the minimum requirements are as follows:

To remain enrolled in a university course outside the United States;


To have graduated not more than 12 months before the application for the J-1 visa.

For further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Fill out our form here

The Miami Experience

The Project School-Business by IRSEF USA ( Institute of Research and Studies for Education and the Family ) has the main purpose of promoting the professional skills that students learn in high school , competing in a Work Placement ( Miami Work Experience ) .

Fun And Fitness Language Center / Miami Work Experience combining work experience with learning the English language.

Miami Work Experience:

Fun And Fitness Language Center is also Work Experience!

Who is this for ?

The project is dedicated to the children of Technical Institutes , Professional and high schools . Students will have an enterprise certificate that will justify the absence from school .

Members must be 16 or older that have reached the American age.

What are our trade services ?

  • Beauty industry
  • automotive industry
  • Tailors and shoemakers
  • Posturologists / Physiotherapists
  • graphics
  • Accountants
  • Photographers
  • lawyers
  • Geometry
  • architects
  • Civil Engineers and Construction
  • Wedding Planner
  • Piadinaro , Gelataio
  • Cook

Miami Stage Work Experience

Irsef – Institute for Research and Studies on Education and the Family – makes available its experience and its headquarters in Miami in order to involve pupils over 16 interested in the activities of school-work.

The IRSEF & FFLANGUAGE CENTER project includes:

1) The frequency of the Language Center for a thorough knowledge of the English language.

2) Work Experience – Work Placement in a study of engineers / architects in Miami or automotive company or the catering / bar / entertainment or Beauty Salon for Hairdressers, beauticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, physical therapists at other companies, depending on the type of studies and experience that the trainee intends to prove.

This activity will allow to acquire operational experience and knowledge of legislative rules and regulations related to the country in which it operates. US law provides that, during the time of formation, there is also the English language training and possibly Spanish.

The weekly card will have the following development :

1 ) English classes – with international pupils for grammar lessons , reading and speaking from Monday to Thursday ; with TPR method of comprehension , speaking and vocabulary 3-4ore from Monday to Friday .

2 ) Work Experience

3 ) Outdoor Fitness – with TPR

4 ) Social Activities and Tours in Miami Dade – in English and / or Spanish .

The stay in Miami for the experience will be 3 weeks (or more for those who wish ) also it includes :

1 ) all inclusive accomodation in South Beach in rooms for more students to Roomating regime;

2 ) tutoring by a teacher / tutor Italian company 24h / 24h

3 ) permits / Visas / agreements relevant to the fulfillment of the activities ;

4 ) organization of attendance certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education – IRSEF , ITALY ;

5 ) certificate of Language Certification of State School Americana and / or private language school accredited TOEFL .

This Language Certification become ESOL after 3 months of attendance at courses .

stage a miami

The dates of departure and return are individual , flexible and at the discretion of the Italian school to which you are enrolled .

The alternation School / Labor cost is 2,650.00 , € flight and medical insurance excluded . * Price does not include meals , Tours outside of Miami Dade , personal expenses , requests for specific services or accompanying unscheduled .

Start your Miami Work Experience now!

For further questions , please contact us !

Fill out the form here.

* The cost of the various packages must be paid within 15 days of the arrival date and is exempt from the refund. The organization is not responsible for theft / damage to property of the client assets. In case of theft / damage to personal property of the organization it will retain a sum from the deposit. The fee will not be refunded in case of missed departure or early return .MIAMI Summer 2016

€ 3,000 for 3 weeks

€ 2,500 for 2 weeks

€ 1000 deposit – in case of damages, theft, vandalism to the accommodation, to the bikes or to the language center facilities.


  • Pick up and return from/to airport – reception and transfer from the airport to the home and vice versa.
  • All-inclusive accommodation – includes sheets and blankets, bath towels, hair dryer, dish washer, purified water filter and miscellaneous home decor.
  • Electricity, air conditioned and water included.
  • Wi-Fi internet & cable TV
  • Daily meals
  • English language classes
  • English book and needs – English book for preparation and school supplies.
  • CRUNCH GYM subscription (16+) – subscription to CRUNCH GYM for people over 16.
  • Language Certification – final verification of Language Certification
  • Work Experience (16+) – working internship in a business activity for people over 16.
  • Company Tutor – provided for your internship.
  • Tours around Miami – trips to Miami and the surrounding areas.


  • Speed boat Tour of Miami and luxury villas.
  • South Pointe Park.
  • Espanola Way. Lincoln Road. Purdy Avenue.
  • The farmers’ market.
  • Miami Heat.
  • Bike tour of Miami Beach and South Beach.
  • Coral Gables, Miracle Mile, Venetian pool. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.
  • Winwood Art District.
  • Night shopping.
  • Aventura Mall.
  • Bal Harbour shops.
  • Bayside Market place.
  • Hollywood Beach tour.
  • Hallandale Beach tour.
  • Sunny Isles tour.
  • Key Biscayne Beach tour.
  • The sunset tour.
  • Night & Day Pool Party.
  • Social Activities & Nightlife – day & night outings and social activities.
  • Beach equipment – beach equipment for fitness & relaxation.
  • Activity Leaders – entertainers, escorts and instructors.
  • Team Leader 24h a day – reference coordinator available 24 a day every day.


  • Plane ticket
  • Medical insurance
  • Esta Visa or F1 Visa for study.
  • Tours outside Miami area – excursions outside the area of Miami.
  • Personal shopping


This is our standard offer. For personalized offers or if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Fill out our form here.


We will be glad to satisfy any additional requirements.


            Work Experience



Fun And Fitness Language Center can provide Work Experience too!

After you have acquainted yourself with the English language you can get involved with the School-Enterprise Project by IRSEF USA (Institute of Research and Studies for Education and Family).

The main purpose is to put the skills that students learn in high school into practice by working in an American business activity. English language proficiency is therefore crucial.

Interested students can try the Work Experience, of 3 months at most, in an American company. This way, they will have their first contact with work. Students who have finished high school, who are studying in university, or have graduated, will have the opportunity to be invited by the hosting company for a fixed-term contract, which, with a little luck and a lot of initiative, could become a permanent contract!

Fun And Fitness Language Center/Work Experience combines working experience with learning of the English language.

Who is eligible for the Work Experience?

The project is for students in professional and technical schools, and high school. Students will receive a company certification, which will justify the absence from school.

Members must be at least 16 years old, i.e., they must have reached the age of majority in the United States.

Which are our professional offerings?

  • Specialized mechanic in luxury workshops, e.g: Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, Bugatti, Maserati etc etc…
  • Tailors and shoemakers
  • Posture specialists /Physical Therapists
  • Architects
  • Graphic Designers
  • Accountants
  • Photographers and Audio Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Practicing Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Panini Makers, Ice-Cream Makers
  • Italian Organic Chefs


IRSEF takes care of training teachers and parents. In coordination with the Work Experience it offers:

  • School-work combination;
  • Start-up of youth entrepreneurship;
  • Parent education (even with USA experts) in nutrition and conflict management;
  • Training of home school operators (teachers/coordinators, educators, animators).

For further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Fill out our form here